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Theme Park Construction Career Field: From Dreams to Parks

Updated: May 7

Theme Park Construction
Theme Park Roller Coaster

In an intimate conversation with Floreal Bueno who is a Senior Director of Construction at Universal, we explore the thrilling journey that's taken him across continents and through numerous theme parks including Disney and Universal.

While talking about early career discovery, he draws a fascinating parallel between theater and theme parks. Both involve building sets and providing entertainment, and the pride that comes from seeing people revel in that experience is unmatched.

When asked about the places he has traveled while working in theme parks industry, he lists them with passion and precision: Osaka, Singapore, Europe, and the list goes on. He vividly describes his role in these projects, "From Osaka, I went to Singapore, then to the Emirates, back to the US, and then Hollywood. I oversaw a $2.5 billion development in Hollywood, which included the latest Nintendo attraction." Each move and project, a testament to his dedication and expertise.

At the heart of his journey are the parks, the attractions, and the immense satisfaction of seeing guests enjoy them. "The most rewarding part of my career is when we finish a project. I sit at one of the park's restaurants and watch guests come in. It's magical."

However, every job comes with its challenges. He admits that dealing with administrative tasks, like liaising with lawyers and handling contracts, can be tedious. "There's very little room for creativity there," he shares. But the ups far outweigh the downs. "The best part is providing happiness. People come to theme parks to have fun and forget about their life's worries. It's a gift to give back."

When asked about advice for budding theme park enthusiasts, he emphasizes passion. "Firstly, pick something you love. Secondly, develop your people skills." Theme parks are all about collaboration, and you have to mediate between diverse teams, from engineers to artists. Mastering this communication and collaboration is pivotal to success.

Thinking back, he reflects on his younger days and the conviction that kept him going. "I wanted to be a part of something magical. I didn't want to be average. I told my younger self to stay on the path, to believe in my dream." He stresses the importance of consistency, especially when the road gets tough or when other seemingly lucrative opportunities present themselves.

He concludes by discussing the personal benefits of his career. It's given him confidence and taught him not to fear the unknown or challenges. "Through this process, I discovered things about myself I hadn't known."

Our conversation with Floreal paints a picture of dedication, passion, and the sheer joy of creating magical experiences for others. For those aspiring to make a mark in the Theme Park Construction career field, his journey offers inspiration and wisdom. It's a testament to the fact that with perseverance, you can not only achieve your dreams but also touch the lives of countless others in the process.

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