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Helping you understand your teen to unlock their career potential

Guiding teens to fulfilling careers with Comprehensive Career Readiness Insights and Recommendations

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Seeing my son transition from confusion to clarity about his future career has been an incredible journey. I felt like giving him the key to unlock his potential.

- Hatuna C.

Unbiased and actionable career guidance

​Understand Your Teen and Help Them Succeed!​
  • Personality

  • Traits

  • Skills

  • Preferences

  • Career Recommendations

  • Areas of Improvement

  • Areas of Opportunity

AI Powered

Career Assessment

Relevant & Realistic

We used cutting-edge data science techniques to develop a sophisticated career assessment that's relevant and realistic for the younger generation.


Unlike other assessments, the Career Scoops AI Career Assessment is scenario-based and doesn't require extensive self awareness or a mature understanding of professional skills and topics.

Career Readiness

We leverage AI to calculate your teens unique career readiness profile across over a billion data points - by far the most comprehensive and accurate method available for evaluating career readiness. 

AI Powered

Career Recommendations

Career Compatibility

Engineered to evaluate over 840 different career paths, the Career Scoops AI Career Assessment accurately identifies the Top 10 most compatible careers uniquely suited to your teen's Career Readiness Profile.

Career Readiness

Your teen's Top 10 Career Recommendations reflect their career readiness when they took the Career Scoops AI Career Assessment. Your teen's Top 10 Career Recommendations can give you insight into your teen's career potential and help you determine which fields they are likely to excel in based on their current level of readiness.


Career Horizons

Designed to spark curiosity and broaden career horizons, our AI Career Assessment evaluates over 840 careers to generate your teen's Top 10 Career Recommendations. By encouraging the exploration of new career paths and possibilities, our AI Career Assessment can reveal unexpected and exciting career opportunities your teen may have otherwise missed.

Career Readiness
Insights & Guidance Solutions

Career Readiness Reports

  • Detailed Insights 

  • Actionable Recommendations

  • Explains Career Readiness Profile

Our Career Readiness Reports provide you with a comprehensive and personalized view of your teen's career aspirations, strengths, and areas for growth. 
With over 16 pages of detailed insights and recommendations, our Career Readiness Reports are an essential resource for parents who want to understand how to help their teen achieve career success. 

Micro-Mentorship Program

  • Powerful Learning Opportunities 

  • Virtual Program

  • Builds Networking Skills

Our Micro-Mentorship program connects your teen with seasoned professionals in over 840 career fields, providing a unique and powerful learning experience.

Each mentoring session, lasting between 30 to 45 minutes, is conducted virtually and monitored by our dedicated team to ensure a productive experience. Through Micro-Mentorship, your teen gains valuable insights and real-world advice from professionals in their desired career field, helping them make informed career decisions and learn crucial networking skills.

1:1 Action Planning Session

  • In Depth Review of Career Readiness Report

  • Helps Teens Understand their Career Potential

Led by expert Career Scoops Coaches, our 1:1 Action Planning Sessions offer your teen a judgment-free environment to discuss their career development and explore their options.

In this 30-45 minute session, we'll review your teen's Career Readiness Report, ensuring they understand their areas of strength and opportunities for growth. 
With this personalized guidance and support, your teen will better understand themselves and their career potential, leaving the session with the confidence to achieve their goals. 

1:1 Career Discovery Session

  • Helps Teen's Plan & Make Progress

  • Fosters Accountability

  • Includes Digital Career Journal

Our 1:1 Career Discovery Sessions are the perfect opportunity for teens serious about planning their future. In these virtual sessions, an expert Coach will guide your teen through their Career Readiness Report, provide them with access to our collaborative Digital Career Journal, and plan with them follow-up Accountability Sessions. 
Teens who attend multiple 1:1 Career Discovery Sessions benefit from increased accountability and continuous improvement. With 1:1 Career Discovery Sessions and the follow-up Digital Career Journal, your teen will have everything they need to reach their career potential and build the foundation for lifelong success!


Build Your Teen's Career Readiness Package Today!

Schedule your free Career Consultation Call with our team to learn more about our Career Readiness Solutions and customize a package for your teen.

Packages start at $99.97

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