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Welcome to Our Community Partnership

This portal provides resources to our valued partners.  For Career Scoops Customer Solution,  please click the link below.

Empowering Career Success for Youth through Focus on What Matters

Career Scoops leverages AI to empower educators, youth organizations, parents, and young adults, enabling informed career readiness. Our platform is designed to alleviate uncertainty and enhance success across various stages of career development.

Personalized & Secure

Empowering Action

Paving Success

Our Story

Founded on the principle that career success should be accessible to all, Career Scoops emerged as a visionary platform. We harness advanced AI to offer a unique, data-driven approach, guiding individuals through the complexities of career planning and decision-making. We aim to dismantle barriers to success, fostering a future where every person is equipped with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their ideal career path. 


What We Offer

Career Scoops harnesses AI for tailored career guidance, aligning recommendations with individual goals and growth areas. Our platform offers strategic development steps and active learning through professional mentoring and workshops, enhancing career readiness and exposure to various fields.


Personalized Career Assessment

Our cutting-edge AI assessment is engineered to uncover the top 10 career paths uniquely suited to each individual's profile, a blend of traits, skills, activities, and personality types.


Data-Driven Insight Reports

Our actionable insight reports are crafted to provide a rich, personalized career guidance experience, tailored to the unique contours of each individual's profile.


Active Engagement: Mentoring

We facilitate mentoring sessions with career professionals where they provide tailored guidance, share industry insights, and help to strategize steps for career development.


Development Programs

Our development programs, including workshops and coaching, are tailored to equip young adults with essential skills and knowledge for career advancement.

Our AI Platform

Our AI platform offers personalized career guidance and support, assisting young individuals in achieving their career aspirations.

Action-Oriented Recommendations

Data-Driven Career Guidance

Enhanced Experiential Learning

Trusted by Others

Building the pathways to career success together



Offering parents and students precise, actionable steps for career readiness.


Partnering to enhance student readiness and emphasize focus on what matters most.



Boosting the effectiveness and impact of career development programs.


Bridging the gap between companies and communities for a future-ready workforce.

What Our Partners Say

"Career Scoops solves the problem so many career deciders face. This solution is definitely a game-changer when it comes to discovering the right career path. If you're looking for a reliable platform, look no further!"

Katharine Galagher,

Career Coach and Educator

Meet with Our Team Representative

To learn more about how our Solution can help your organization, book a virtual discovery session with a Career Scoops representative.

Empower career paths with Career Scoops' AI platform.

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