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Career Scoops Tech Launch Event


Orlando, FL – As we enter a new school year, young adults finally have a resource to help them take their next steps with confidence. Career Scoops, our new social platform, seeks to assist these students with one of the most significant decisions they'll face: their future careers.

The platform officially launched at "The First Scoop" event at the Credo Conduit in Orlando on July 27. It was an evening of networking, education, and innovation as our platform and crowdfunding campaign were launched at the same time. The event attracted supporters from various industries including education, technology, and local businesses–all of whom recognized the importance of career guidance for our youth. In recognition of its mission to shape the future of career discovery, Career Scoops received a Proclamation from the City of Orlando from City Commissioner, Robert Stuart, signed by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. The proclamation underscores the city's commitment to initiatives that empower youth and prepare them for a rapidly evolving job market, and ultimately made July 27 Career Scoops Launch Day!

Traditional career days take too much planning and it is impossible to organize 800+ industries for one event. Plus, with the rising niches of industries and varying degrees of student attention spans, how can one school accommodate all of their students’ interests and needs for one single career day? Career Scoops has solved these problems, plus adding an additional layer of support to the 30% of students who dropout due to career uncertainty.

When students explore the Career Scoops platform, they will complete an interactive assessment that presents them with scenarios based on their interests, skills, and personality types. The answers are processed by an AI data model that recommends suitable career choices for them out of a pool of over 800+. The students can read about each option and ultimately schedule a 30-minute virtual session with a professional from a selected career field. Career Scoops aims to reach more high school juniors and seniors, providing them with the tools and mentorship they need to confidently embark on their career journeys.

The platform's unique approach of aligning individual passions and skills with real-world career paths offers a refreshing and much-needed perspective for young adults at the crossroads of their academic and professional lives.

Founded by mother and son duo Tatsiana Sokalava and Arman Hunanyan (a high school junior at Olympia High School; both are in the attached photo), the platform's mission is to help young adults navigate career uncertainty. By connecting them with career professionals and resources in their fields of interest, Career Scoops provides insights and guidance often overlooked in traditional education systems.

For more information about Career Scoops and how it can support high school students in their career discovery journey, visit

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